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I'm Tyler Moore, the founder of Moore Tech. Since 2005, I have been dedicated to helping clients develop and implement custom trading software. My customers include both retail and institutional traders, as well as brokers and other industry professionals. I have experience coding in all of the major trading platforms, as well as many different programming languages. No matter what your development needs, I can provide a solution!

Aside from 20+ years of programming experience, I am also a very experienced trader. With a father in the brokerage business, I placed my first trade at the ripe old age of 10. Inevitably, I was hooked on trading and became a licensed commodities broker at the age of 18. Three years later, I was a licensed commodities branch office manager, and shortly afterwards began developing strategies for a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Under the CTA, my strategies were used to manage several million dollars in client funds!

I have developed thousands of custom indicators and trading strategies over the years, during which time I have created multiple libraries to help speed the development process. As a result, I can typically deliver projects in a fraction of the time it would take other developers, and also (you guessed it) at a fraction of the cost!

Coding Services

NinjaTrader Programming

NinjaTrader is my favorite platform for automated trading. With NinjaScript being a C# based language, there are not many things that cannot be programmed in NinjaTrader. No other trading platform offers the flexibility in development that is available from NinjaTrader. With support for multiple brokers and data providers, NinjaTrader leaves little to be desired. On top of that, NinjaTrader's support is far superior to their competitors, and their pricing model makes the platform affordable for any trader!

MultiCharts Programming

While I do not know the story, it seems that MultiCharts was developed with the intent of taking market share from TradeStation. MultiCharts proprietary language, PowerLanguage, is almost identical to TradeStation's EasyLanguage. Unlike TradeStation, MultiCharts provides support for multiple brokers and data feeds, as well as a few features that are not available in TradeStation. With all features included, and a lifetime license as a purchase option, MultiCharts is a much more affordable option than TradeStation.

TWS Programming

Offered by Interactive Brokers (IB), Trader Workstation (TWS) is different from most of the trading platforms I work with. TWS is a serious platform with a lot of capabilities, but does not provide any built in capabilities for backtesting or optimizing trading strategies. Instead, they offer a feature rich API that allows us to program just about anything. Additionally, TWS is free with an account at IB, so developing a program in TWS can be cheaper than other options in the long run.

TradeStation Programming

TradeStation was one of the first trading platforms available for developing automated trading systems. Their proprietary coding language, EasyLanguage, makes it very easy to develop simple indicators and trading strategies. TradeStation is a very intuitive platform with many capabilities, but their EasyLanguage is more restrictive than what other platforms offer. However, it remains a solid platform that can meet the needs of most traders.

MetaTrader Programming

Commonly used by FOREX traders, MetaTrader (MT4) is a very popular platform. Their C++ based MetaQuotes Language (MQL4) is very flexible. While the platform is not as feature rich as some of the others I work with, it is also free (which is no doubt why it is so popular). Developing custom indicators and strategies (or Expert Advisors as MetaTader calls them) is very easy, and MetaTrader is a very efficient platform for backtesting and optimization.

One-on-One Consulting

Often times, it is difficult for customers to define rules for an indicator or strategy in terms that are actually programmable. Sometimes, customers do not know exactly what they want and need some guidance. Other times, it is just more efficient to communicate over the phone and look at the same screen while doing the development. Whatever the case, I am happy to pick up the phone and do a remote session with you, where I can address your development needs on the fly.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have spent about half of my life coding custom trading software, indicators, and trading systems for people just like yourself. I am fully confident I can fulfill your needs! However, if for any reason I am unable to develop your program according to your specifications, I will refund your full payment... It's as simple as that!!!


"I wish to thank you for developing my trading strategy ideas for me. I especially appreciate your ability to put my sometimes unclearly defined ideas into workable code. Having worked with several coders over the years, I found working with you most enjoyable and productive - and at low costs."

F.I. - Switzerland

"Working with Moore Tech has been a great pleasure... very reasonably priced and produce first class programs on-time and on budget."

R.G. - Illinois

"Moore Tech was a great help writing TradeStation Easy Language code for me. They easily understood what I was trying for and quickly provided code at a very fair price. They were happy to provide followup emails. I had the impression they are very knowledgeable and professional. I would be happy to work with them again and I can be fussy! "

T.H. - Illinois

Noteworthy Customers

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I provide fixed pricing for all projects, so there will be no surprises. Receiving a free quote for your project is simple. First, fill out the "Get Started Now" form below with as much detail as possible about the custom trading software you need. Also, make sure to attach any supporting images, documentation, videos, or code that may be needed. I am usually able to respond within 1 business day with either a quote or some additional questions. Once I have all of the necessary information, I will provide you with a fixed price for your programming project(s). At that point, you may decide if you would like to proceed or not.

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    Trading is a very competitive business and I fully understand your concerns about your trading ideas falling in to the wrong hands. Any information that you send will remain 100% confidential, and you will maintain full rights to any programs I write for you. I am also happy to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement if that makes you more comfortable.

    You can rest assured that your private information is fully protected and not revealed to anyone.