TradeStation is the premier brokerage trading platform for rule-based trading. And they have the awards to prove it.

Whether you trade stocks, options, futures or forex, TradeStation offers uniquely powerful strategy creation and testing tools, customizable analytics and fully automated trading technology in a single trading platform. With TradeStation, you can:

  1. Create an unlimited number of custom trading strategies
  2. Back-test and optimize your strategies before you trade, using the industry’s largest and most extensive historical market database
  3. Monitor multiple markets and automatically execute your trading strategies based on your own custom buy and sell rules.

And with TradeStation Simulator, you can even test your trading ideas and strategies in simulated live trading—without risking a cent of your own money.

In today’s volatile markets, having a focused, disciplined trading strategy—and the tools to execute it—can make all the difference. TradeStation delivers power, speed and discipline—all on one seamlessly integrated trading platform.

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