How do you charge?

Charges are fixed per project, not per hour. Therefore, once you receive a quote for a project, it is a fixed cost for the programming (unless the project specifications change). The minimum charge for a project is $50. Full payment is due in advance for all projects.


What is the typical cost?

While prices vary significantly, a "typical" trading system or indicator can be programmed for less than $300. However, it is not rare for the price to exceed that amount, which is why we provide free estimates and fixed cost pricing.


How long does it take?

For typical projects the average turn around time is 2 business days or less. Larger projects can take longer based on complexity.


What if there are bugs in the program?

While I do my best to avoid them, bugs happen. Bug fixes are included in the cost. Any bugs reported within a month of delivery will be fixed no questions asked. If reported more than a month after delivery, it is handled on a case by case basis. Some bugs can be a result of Windows Updates, upgrades to the trading platforms, etc., which is why I have to put a limit on the debugging period.


Who owns the IP once development is completed?

Unlike many of my competitors, you will own the IP for any projects that I do for you. I will provide you with all of the source code, and you are free to do anything you would like to with it.


Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Absolutely, though it is my policy to keep any information we exchange confidential regardless. You can download the NDA form below, or we can use a different one if you prefer. Just send me a signed copy and I will sign and return.

Non-Disclosure Agreement