algorithmic trading

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Simply put, Algorithmic Trading is the use of a computer algorithm to execute trades. In the early days of Algorithmic Trading, it was mostly used by institutional traders to minimize the cost of executing large orders (too large to fill at one time). Rather than placing one large order, they would use an algorithm to monitor market conditions and execute multiple smaller orders over a period of time. As technology has advanced, Algorithmic Trading is becoming more and more popular among retail traders. It's uses extend well beyond executing large orders, and now include fully automated trading systems.

What can I do with Algorithmic Trading?

Automated Trade Entries

Like most of us, you have responsibilities that don't care if you miss your next trade setup. The trade setups you are looking for are simple, but you are finding that all of the interruptions during the trading day are causing too many missed trades.

Create an Algorithmic Trading program to automatically enter trades based on your setups. When enabled, the program will enter your trade for you (it can also provide notification that a trade was entered).

Automated Trade Management

Trading can be a very demanding job. Managing positions in multiple markets is almost impossible. Your trade management rules are very simple, but you are spending too much time constantly updating your exit orders.

Create an Algorithmic Trading program to manage your trades. The program can monitor hundreds of open positions, and perform any order updates in a matter of seconds.

Advanced Order Management

Let's assume you have been entering all of your trades using Market Orders. You notice that you are getting a lot of slippage, which is hurting your bottom line. You could use a limit order to reduce slippage, however that will result in missed trades, which will also hurt your bottom line.

Create an Algorithmic Trading program to manage limit orders that do not get filled. The program may include features such as:

  • Adjust the price of the limit order by 'x' points for every 'y' seconds that it is not filled.
  • Cancel the limit order and send a market order if it is not filled within 'x' seconds.
  • Cancel the limit order and send a market order if the market moves 'x' points away from the limit order.

Much More....

The posibilities with Algorithmic Trading are almost endless. From basic analytical tools to fully automated trading, Algorithms can be beneficial in almost every aspect of your trading. Below are some additional areas where Algorithmic Trading can be useful:

  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Pairs/Spread Trading
  • Arbitrage
  • Scalping/HFT
  • Transaction Cost Reduction
  • Delta-Neutral Strategies

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